If Norway had Second Amendment style gun laws

In 2011, Norway was hit by a mass shooting at an annual Socialist gathering at Utøya. There was one shooter, and he was operating completely unopposed for a very long time. No one was armed; in fact the Norwegian regime spares no expense to keep its people defenseless. There was a period after WWII when the ”Broken Gun” movement was out of vogue and its proponents seen as pariahs, just as Quisling’s people, but both have snapped backwith a vengeance.

There has been a lot written about the massacre, from the shooter’s terrible ”right-wing” ideologies to how many hi-capacity magazines he brought to the event , all largely efforts at explaining away almost supernaturally incompetent government bungling or simple use of the tragedy for turning the country deeper and faster fascist and more antisemitic. Johann Galtung, for example, aired the views that ”Israel might be behind it”.


Johann Galtung, by the way, was the mentor of my antisemite boss at Norman ASA. He’s very representative of the views of the Norwegian left, – Protocols of the Elders of Zion, Arabism, Jihad, warts and all.

But let’s just cut to the chase here: With a culture of freedom, and a gun culture like the American one, the shooter might have got off a shot or two before somebody popped the weasel. And 60-plus human lives would have been spared. Of course, that would have prevented hundreds of lawyers from having their livelyhood made for years to come and hundreds of leftist ”thinkers” from masturbating themselves silly with stuff like statistics on the mean age of the victims. So we can, in a very real albeit indirect way, say that Norwegian gun grabbers have murdered scores of Norwegian teenagers, incidentally furthering the intensely leftist and antisemitic national agenda.


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