A Modest Proposal

What I have here, in my grubby little fingers, is a letter from one of my evidently bizarrely Jewhating family.  It’s special in that it makes several actionable statements:

  • Claims that my fiance is not my fiance, but rather a professional crook – never mind that my fiance and I have known each other since early 2000.  She is, according to this somewhat original thinker, a “creature”.
  • Threats against myself if I insist on supporting my fiance, made on behalf of the Norwegian State – who is this person’s employer.

Here’s my proposal.

Any US legal eagle who would open a defamation/libel suit in American court can have the background material necessary and as much of the loot as is customary.

I should also mention that the relationship between my fiance and myself can be confirmed by quite a few people of exceptionally good standing.

Anyway, this is the sneak attack from my “family” that finally brought them out in the open:


Have fun. Or not.


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