A Comedy of Terrors

Well, I’ve been slapping our Social Security apparatus (NAV) about the head with the travesty that looks like an attempted murder by a couple of their employees (shamefully, my family), and Norman ASA with the misdeeds of their senior security guy (also family). I figure we ought to hit these criminals and their owners for some rather stinging restitution, before my fiancee dies. At which time these scum *will* be staring at murder charges.

So, anyway, the other day, when I went slip-sliding down to the mailbox, there was an envelope from NAV. Hmmm, I thought. And let it have the letter opener right in the jugular.

Formal-looking letter. “We hope you will fill in this form as part of our User Satisfaction Survey”.

Well, I’m feeling properly terrorized. As by an entity that contains terrorists. If NAV should clean up its mess, I might feel some user satisfaction, as it is I have only user dissatisfaction.

I know that some of these folks have normal, or even high IQ and would have easy entry into Mensa (as would I), but what some of us know is that that sort of thing is just as likely to simply make you wrong in many bizarre and interesting ways. Look at Birdman Bryant if you don’t believe me.

Anyway, clean up your mess, gents. Time is running out.


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