This blog has covered many things but ultimately, what has repeatedly come to the fore is the prevalence of evil. It comes in all shapes and sizes and colors. It comes from without and within. It exists within families and turns blood against blood in ways that are often cruel, rendering the phrase, “Blood is thicker than water.” rather hollow. It exists within every religion and everyplace man tries to cultivate power that belongs only to G-d. And it has existed throughout the rise of men on earth.

I have asked myself many times why men feel the need to control other men at any price. What is the endgame? What do you win IF you win, and don’t you always lose much more than you gain because what you gain only gives rise to wanting even more.There is never satisfaction, just a momentary euphoria that wears off quickly just like any other drug. When is enough enough? When does it begin and when does it end? More importantly, WHY does man seem incapable of escaping this endless pursuit when they have no idea what they are pursuing because for ALL men, there is death before the pursuit ever ends? Is this truly the nature of humanity, or is it the nature of the beast from which we refuse to wean ourselves?

Perhaps. We see cultures that have trapped themselves in primitive states between man and beast never to emerge or move forward in time throughout centuries. We have seen madmen risen to power whose natures are sadistic and vengeful, barbaric and insane beyond belief, yet we rationalize that there is something to be admired about such men and afford them a respect that diminishes us as humans and we call it pragmatism as if that was something we should be proud of.

The answer is shocking. Using mohammedan islam as an example, what is the endgame? The truth is that carrying their philosophy, created by a homicidal madman, out to its logical conclusion, after they have murdered or converted every person left on earth, they will murder each other, first faction for faction, then man for man until there is no one on earth left to fight for anything. The endgame is the ultimate and irreversable end of man on earth…the final sacrifice to a god of destruction. That is the only way it CAN end if allowed to follow through on their goal of world domination.

Knowing this, we see world leaders defer to islam and refer to mohammed as a holy man and prophet. What possible way could any rational human being consider mohammad worthy of respect and admiration?

Consider this a sample question for the moment because there is more that has nothing to do with islam. No one escapes this cycle. islam is but one example. Next time, I will shock you with an example much closer to home.


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