Another Gem from Eidelberg

We’ll just let this one speak for itself. Except that Prof. Eidelberg does indeed call the US coupmaker for what he is: A muslim.

Hey Folks: The War is Over

Prof. Paul Eidelberg

Everyone knows that slums are breeding grounds for violent crimes. But a distinction has to be made between the slum-dwellers and their dwellings. Right?

It’s a lot easier to improve flawed dwellings than to improve flawed human beings. Why? Well, because unlike those dwellings, their occupants have free will—or once did, until they developed habits that defined them as “bad” guys.

The guy who mugged you last night was one of those bad guys. The cop who apprehended him was a good guy. You didn’t entertain the idea that “good” and “bad” are merely subjective evaluations, did you? No, because you had yet to be brainwashed by social scientists steeped in moral relativism. (Or perhaps you had learned that a “conservative” is a liberal who got mugged last night?)

Anyway, just as there are good guys and bad guys, so there are good nations and bad nations, and the bad nation have evil ideas, racist ideas as did Nazi Germany. But it has become hard for you to make such a judgment about Iran because you have been brainwashed by social scientists or academics trapped in cultural relativism who therefore deny there are any universally and objectives standards that justifies your calling any nation bad. So just like the guy who had to get mugged before he saw the light, your country will have to get “mugged” before it sees the light.

But didn’t this happen to the United States on 9/11 when Muslims destroyed the New York World Trade Center? And didn’t the Islamic world cheer that horrendous evil, an evil that took the lives of some 3,000 innocent men, women, and children?

Yet there are academics and politicians who have been so corrupted by moral and cultural relativism that they deny that Islam is tainted with evil. How can 1.5 billion people, reputedly religious, cheer evil or do nothing to eradicate it, or at least press their governments or their representatives in the United Nations to condemn it?

Admittedly, there exists a study indicating that Muslims have slaughtered more than 200 million non-Muslims since the time of Muhammad.

Admittedly, the leaders of Iran, Muslims, had thousands of Iranian children walk across minefields to clear the path for Iranian soldiers during the Iranian-Iraqi war.

Admittedly, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, Iran’s President, delights in screaming “Death to America” and vows to wipe Israel off the map. But why should this stamp Iran as evil or influence our assessment of its religion?

Indeed, why should the American State Department bar Ahmadinejad from entering the U.S. during his visits to the United Nations, even though his maledictions violate international law?

Prominent American experts on Islam offer no alternative to this appeasement. They urge the American government to cultivate “Muslim moderates.”

The American people have gone even further: they elected an avowed Muslim as their President, and he has chosen a convert to Islam to be the nation’s Secretary of Defense!

Hey folks: the war that erupted on 9/11is over!


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