Gun auction

Seems my daughter who used the local police to effectively filch my guns while they were being readied for auction, in order to further her antisemitic goals, is actually a national-level “Progressive” in the “social justice” game. I should have smelled a rat, I guess, when the last time we spoke she started hissing hysterically “SHUT UP! I had friends at Utøya!”

Oh well. Family, in some people’s head, means getting close enough to get the shiv in. Slick as snot out of Obama’s nose.

Anyway, this is what is going out, and as far as I know they can also be sold out of the country, so selling to the US should be possible – although I don’t know what kind of magical and corrupt stuff may be floating in the Norwegian bottom mud these days.

nines uniq 41and44 1911 357



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