Sailing the Fascist Winds

There seems to be a new trend in the air. It’s not new, of course, it’s just picking up speed again. What it is is the pure nazist groups, the anti-jew fanatics and holocaust-deniers, are climbing on the wagon with the jihadists and the “progressives” There are literally hundreds of new connections between jihad/nazist/other-socialist activists, and we’re busily mapping.

Here’s a piece by my friend Prof. Eidelberg, aptly describing the relationship between socialism and islam.

Socialism, Anti-Semitism, and the UN

Prof. Paul Eidelberg

Since socialists are democrats and Arabs are autocrats, why does the Socialist International, of which Israel’s Labor Party is a member, support the Arab cause against Israel? Can it be that socialism is intrinsically anti-Semitic? To answer this question, we shall have to grasp the unique character of the first Jew, Abraham.

As the “Father of a Multitude of Nations,” Abraham is the first universalist, the first to teach ethical monotheism to nations steeped in paganism and ethnocentric egoism. Abraham is thus the father of a unique nation, one that unites “nationalism” and “internationalism.” In other words, Judaism represents a synthesis of particularism and universalism.

Judaism maintains that nations, like individuals, are creations of G-d. Each nation has its own unique character, its own excellence, and its own historical function—thus manifesting the infinite creativity of G-d. However, the behaviors of nations, like those of individuals, are not morally equal judged from the standard of ethical monotheism, or what the Judeo-Christian Americans of Colonial times recognized as the Seven Noahide Laws of Universal Morality.

Judaism rejects moral and cultural relativism along with the notion that human nature is simply altruistic. Self-preference, ambition, avarice, envy, and hatred are natural inclinations. They prompt individuals and nations to impose their will or way of life on others. War — more than 1,000 in the last 2500 years — has ever been the norm of international relations.

The basic cause of war, however, is not nationalism or the nation-state system but the failure of human beings to observe a few universal laws of morality. It was said by Israel’s first Chief Rabbi, Avraham Kook, that universalism came to Europe only on loan from Judaism, but as any foreign implant, it could not be absorbed by nations whose spirit is basically pagan. Witness the Nazi Holocaust and the recent explosion of Jew-hatred in socialist Europe, the home of “humanism.” Mankind needs authentic universalism, which is expressed only through the medium of Israel’s nationhood. Awaited is nothing less than Israel’s complete physical and spiritual restoration. We are touching on a basic cause of anti-Semitism and of socialist antipathy toward Israel.

Socialists, on principle, scorn nationalism. Following Marx, they deem the nation-state an artificial entity. This may be said of liberals who disdain patriotism. The Marxist influence on socialism and liberalism renders both more prone to a vacuous internationalism or cosmopolitanism. Marx hated Judaism if only because Judaism justifies nationalism while offering, in the Torah, the only rational and ethical basis for internationalism. I am alluding to these words of Genesis: “G-d created man in His own image.” That lapidary sentence of Holy writ provides the only solid foundation for the moral unity of the human race and international peace.

Socialism, however, is steeped in secularism. Against all human experience, socialism bases its faith on a redistribution of wealth—the program of Barak Obama. This socialist agenda is tainted by egalitarian envy and a hatred of greatness. Hatred of the Chosen People follow, and this hatred now extends to America, or what Abraham Lincoln called the “almost Chosen People.”

Now we can better understand why the United Nations so often condemns Israel. The concept of the Chosen People contradicts the equality of all nations represented in the UN General Assembly. This is not all. Although the UN Charter explicitly acknowledges the sovereignty of each nation, the UN increasingly interferes in the purely internal affairs of nations, and on matters having nothing to do with international peace.

The aim of the UN is to promote indiscriminate equality within and between all nations. This requires the worldwide recognition of moral and cultural relativism. Once nations see that there are no moral or religious absolutes, then, given the alleviation of human suffering by scientific technology, national borders and war will be a thing of the past.

This is the agenda of international socialism, manifested in the UN. The UN is attempting to create a “New World Order” devoid of absolute ethics and sovereign states. It is in this light that we are to understand UN hostility toward Israel.

Of course antipathy toward Israel may also be understood in economic terms. The essence of the nations is economic. The ultimate purpose of social as well as liberal democracies is commodious living, which today depends to no small extent on Persian Gulf oil and arms sales to Arab states. But rather than succumb to vulgar Marxism by explaining human behavior simply in terms of material interests, a deeper truth must be emphasized. Advocates of a “New World Order” — international socialists above all — cannot endure a strong and independent Jewish State. Such a state presages a world that acknowledges the sovereignty of G-d rather than a world-leveling organization.

Now we can also better understand the American State Department’s unceasing antipathy toward Israel. Of all departments of the Federal Government, the State Department has the most highly educated personnel. It so happens, however, that higher education in the United States, as elsewhere in the West, is cosmopolitan on the one hand, and dominated by left-leaning cultural relativists on the other. This is one reason why the PLO, an organization committed to Israel’s destruction, is well-represented on major American campuses. These campuses are breeding grounds for “anti-Semitism,” by which I now mean hatred of Jewish particularism-cum-universalism, the alternative to a leveling socialist internationalism.

Unfortunately, anti-Semitism will be found among multicultural left-wing Jews in Israel, Jews aligned with Israel’s enemies. This was foretold by the Sages of Israel. But this is reason for optimism! Since the Sages saw that this treachery is only a transient phase of Israel’s spiritual renaissance, Israel can look forward to a bright future.☼


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