Family and Ethics: Even More

Our astute readers will have gathered that I’m seeking disciplinary action against some family members formally attached to the Social Services apparatus in Norway, NAV for short. I’ll clarify a little bit something that started before Christmas of 2011. Maybe even earlier.

Anyway, bright and early a week before Christmas I ventured outside to get my paper mail, generally a risky business since I don’t move well on the best of days and this one was snowy. Of course I fell, busted my right shoulder beyond recognition, and almost snowed under and died since no one could see me or hear me hollering. I eventually managed to get to my knees, and furter on inside and to a phone where I called emergency which brough an ambulance. And the rest, as they say, is history.

So I arrived at Skien Hospital raggedy and dirty. Norwegian snow can look pure and xmassy, yet on impact transform into brownish mud and tearing gravel. I did not have my glasses, or my wallet, which meant no phone numbers or notes, so I couldn’t place any call to my fiance who was listed as my next of kin.

So in the first few hours they basically got me tucked into bed, onto painkillers, and started prepping for surgery. I was still casting about to find someone who could alert my fiance, since I knew she’d be climbing the walls when i inexplicably disappeared.

Luckily, my next-bed neighbour was Knut Buen, a very kind and decent man and a cultural icon to boot. He had an Ipad. And upon getting my daughter’s name, he found her phone number for me. So the hospital put me in touch with her. And here’s where it gets interesting.

First, I asked her to take care of a few things while I was under – stop my paper mail until further notice, contact the phone company so my phone didn’t get cut off, that sort of thing, which she told me was taken care of. It wasn’t of course, the mail, for example, hadn’t heard from her at all. What was taken care of was that after a bit of badgering while in shock and a morphine drip she did manage to have the hospital get my signature that she was my next-of-kin.

Meanwhile, my sister had gotten in touch with my fiance and played “friend” up to the hilt. As I said, my sister is also a NAV officer. And she had my fiance’s contact info.


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