Of Family, Jewhaters and Madmen

Norway is hurtling toward the fascist fimbulwinter our resident antisemites have been aiming at since the pre-war days of the “broken gun” movement, and the pace is picking up. It’s really in step with the fascist effort to overthrow the constitution in the US.

The other day I was raided by a large contingent of police, who made off with my guns which had just been photographed for auction. The action was precipitated by my daughter, Vigdis Aaland, who is a social services official, and my sister, Maurith Fagerland, also a social services official. In these ladies initiative I basically lost value of around nkr 50.000, and NAV is telling me it’s difficult to deal with their minions ethics violations.

The motive for the attack seems to be my Jewish fiance, who is “not my fiance” but “a creature”. The antisemite vision of Jews as hooknosed monsters with their fingers in your wallet (some wallet) is running deep in my somewhat fickle family.

These ladies of darkness – one on the left, loving islamics and the Norwegian Democratic Worker’s Party, one on the right (FrP) – were joined by my brother Snorre, who was central in my ejection from Norman ASA by the antisemitic cabal running things at that point. That was according to boss Steinar Wigtil of Norman. He is now Norman’s senior security guy, and evidently helping to rid Norman of “the jewish problem” paid very well indeed. I have decided to make his very significant and groundbreaking virus and malware production available to the AV community, despite some snarled threats from Norman about “keep your mouth shut, or else” from way back. These guys know where to find me.

Also, since we’re now being systematically starved out by the Norwegian system, we’re soliciting donations. No donation too small, no donation too big, if you think the fight for free speech and against the Jewhaters is worth fighting. Donation button can be found here:



2 responses to “Of Family, Jewhaters and Madmen

  • dymphna

    May I reprint your whole post on Gates of Vienna? Maybe it would mean more donations?

    We were booted out of blogspot. Am now using WordPress on a hosting site. Fortunately, our Team had everything archived and ready to go. We’d been expecting some kind of blowback since 7/22/11.

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