Saudi Secret Hijinks

We’ve just received a secret Saudi document pertaining to a Saudi plan to use sharia law and executions to hold a number of people hostage, in order to secure them and their dependents help in the jihad against Assad. Of course, this would not just be the Saudi plan but also the Obama plan.

The document is not verified as yet – we’re doing that – but we have no particular reason to doubt it.  Meanwhile, have a look, do your own translation and poke around.

We’ll do this in the usual fashion – text, then the image.

Subject: Fwd: وثيقة هامة للغاية

 Subject: very important document
This is a top secret Saudi document about using the Sharia threat of execution by sword to force criminals and possibly innocents to wage “Jihad” against Assad in Syria while holding their families and acquaintances hostage in Saudi Arabia.

PS. Words in  [  ] are my own and are not in the arabic document.        


                                                  Document translation

Kingdom of Saudi Arabia                                  Number: H[as in Hussein]/G/71466

Interior Ministry.                                              Attachment:
Follow up                                                         Date: 25/5/1433 i  [5/16/2012]
                                                  (Top Secret)

[To:] His Excellency General/ Saud al Thanian             Allah Protect him

    Secret office, Interior Ministry

                              Peace upon you and Allah’s Mercy and Blessings

In reference to the Royal Office cable number 112, dated 19/4/1433 i [  ] referenced therein the detainees in the Kingdom’s prisons who are accused of crimes applicable to Sharia execution by the sword, we inform you that discussions with the defendants convicted of drug smuggling, murder and rape who hold the following nationalities: 105 Yemenis / 21 Palestinians / 212 Saudis / 96 Sudanese / 254 Syrians / 82 Jordanians / 68 Somalis / 32 Afghanis / 194 Egyptians / 203 Pakistanis / 23 Iraqis / 44 kuwaitis.
We agreed with them to defer them from the Sharia application [execution by the sword] and will give their families and acquaintances, who will be prevented from leaving the kingdom, monthly pensions in return for qualifying and training them [the convicts] for the jihad in Syria.
                                      Please accept my greetings
                                                                             Follow up manager, Interior Ministry
                                                                             Abdullah Ibn Ali al Ramizan
*copy to his [Eminence? A lousy sheikh] head of committee of ordering the good and stopping sin [the lousy bamboo police…very powerful, although it may sound laughable.]
*copy to General Intelligence [Service]

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