What Lies Below

This film. made by Rebelpundit (http://www.rebelpundit.com) – a brave soul if I ever saw one – rips the cover off Obama’s brigades of subhumanity and election fraud and what they’re about.

Of course, the same brigades are in the throes of extasy in subhuman Europe and the rest of the globe.  The next holocaust is officialy underway, and we’re on the inexorable track towards the next really, really humongous war which will make WWII look like a coffee klatsch.  This time, it’s our coalition of socialists, national socialists and muslims hoping to carry the day.

The various national agencies tasked with keeping their countries safe from attacks like this have been subverted and outmaneuvered.  In Norway, we knew our status when Norwegian military officers appeared at islamist conferences and extolled the “courage” of palestinian suicide bombers, and e-tjeneste reps turned out to be opportunist and lying jihad fellow travellers.

Anyway.  Hope and Change.  And surprises.


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