Norwegian Stalkers

I seem to still be on the stalker list of that antisemite half-criminal venture Norman ASA, bizarrely trying to sell me “antivirus” and security. Which is kind of weird, seeing that when I worked for this circus there was no way in hell to get a hosed system cleaned up by sending the malware, memory dumps and so on to “central casting”.  They were all too busy writing their travel requisitions and hotel bills to actually DO anything.

So in keeping with my reaction policy towards these insane people, let me just update running status a tiny bit.

My partner is now in a directly life-treatening situation.  Here’s a shortlist of current and former Norman individuals that I will, in worst case, hold directly responsible.

Steinar Wigtil (deceased and hopefully in some place with central heating)

J. Arthur Olavsen

Kenneth Walls

Kristian Bognes

Are Follesdal Tjønn

Henning Hansen
Vigdis Aaland

Maurith J. Fagerland

Snorre Fagerland

There’s a couple more. But let’s keep things short. Update: the list has now been augmented with the culpable members of my own “family”, one of which is from Norman ASA.


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