Obama and The Big Bird

So the Obama people are upset that Romney attacked Sesame Street and wants to kill Big Bird.

Well, who the hell doesn’t?  Considering that a main artist for Sesame Street is this fellow:


Now, they’ve taken mr. Dees web down, of course, but we still have *all* his graphics, including those personality-licking bad Ernst Zundel funnies.

So Big Bird would seem to have a genuine antisemite pedigree, just as you, Obama.  Let’s just hope Romney wrings the thing’s neck.

Maybe the magic president can sign up for one of Zundel’s luxury searches for the secret underground reich at Ultima Thule.

Quick update on Dees the Sesame Street nazist.  His current website is here:


Probably the best online illustration of the insides of Mr. Obama’s head.


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