Arab Addiction

Stole a bit of one of Mesta’s essay titles for this one, her full title is “the arab addiction to blood sport”.  We’ll see if she’ll put the original up here.

Btw, some time ago I told someone that we’ll have to integrate our own muslims in a real and decent way.  However.  With the goings on internationally lately I’m not at all sure muslins can be integrated.  Anywhere.

Anyway, this is a bit of a gory post.  And it has two videos.  The first is HAMAS training and display, basically the sort of bloodthirsty parade they always do.  Nazist masturbation as spectator sport, as you can see in some of the scenes, the public panting at the edges.

The next one is what happens when the palestinian nazi weaponry goes off inappropriately.  Adults and kids in pieces.  Homemade weapons can be dangerous, so can factory made ones, when the users have the mental wherewithal of a baboon.  The filename is a bit misleading, as it was a parade, not war.

But not to worry.  Our islam-addicted politicians will of course have this stuff tallied down as “Israel’s fault”.


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