Answer to a Politically Correct Defense of Conversions to islam

The number of conversions  is an excellent starting place, but you are overlooking some salient points which complicate your answer. On the face of it, it looks deep, but once you scratch the outer skin, all sorts of troubling contradictions bubble to the surface.

What you have stated is what it LOOKS like now, but my question was more on HOW did it get this way… because it couldn’t have if people by and large had not lost pride in their own rich heritages and cultures.

islam, which should technically be called mohammedanism, is by no means superior, but it IS of one hive-like mind which has never changed throughout the centuries. It has never given anyone a reason to choose it. It has never given anything to the world except destruction and defilement of the body and soul. It imprisons the mind. There is no free thought or free will. It is indeed a mental aberration which is scientifically discernible.

mohammadenism has given those in search of SOMETHING permission to do veritably ANYTHING and created a ‘god’ which justifies everything from perversion to genocide.

muslim men are extremely sexually retarded and repressed. Bestiality is commonplace as is man on boy pedophilia. Indeed, they are taught by their imams and clerics the ‘proper
ways to have sex with animals. Homosexuality is so rampant in islam that there is literally no word for it. It is the norm. It is used by grown men to exert authority and dominance in clans and families. Young boys are used as sex slaves kidnapped from their parents and sold to pleasure wealthy muslim men. Sex with women is violent and demeaning. Rape is prevalent. Rape of western women is seen as punishment and sex with muslim women is seen as subjugation. Love seldom plays a role in any of these relationships because LOVE is commanded to be reserved ONLY for allah and no other.

Rape of Western women by muslim men is up a thousandfold in Europe. It is an epidemic and authorities are stymied on how to deal with it. It is so commonplace that it is almost being taken for granted…and this is one of the things that blow me right out of the water, THIS is their culture, demanded and rewarded by their ‘religon’. They consider it their right and they will fight any attempt from any quarter to change or punish this outrage.

Where ONE muslim locates, ten more follow. They multiply like cockroaches and overwhelm the system. Most exist on the government dole. Their main trades are drugs and human trafficking/slavery. They take over neighborhoods and then cities. They use the laws which already exist in civilized countries to insulate themselves and classify themselves as victims until they have sufficient numbers to become the dominant factor and therefore the victors.

They do not confine themselves to the big cities. They will migrate to any and every rural area to establish a foothold. Look around. There is almost nowhere you can go in THIS country without finding at least one muslim family, and within a year or two, entire tracts of rural land are under their control.

They pretend to be something they are not. Lying to fool Westerners and others is a way of life. They outwardly preach peace while conducting war. All out, full on, straight up war on Western civilization or any culture that does not follow their mad prophet. Murder and slaughter is as natural to them as breathing and yet we do not condemn them for it. Instead we rationalize excuses for it…none of which make any sense or have any basis in reality.

You can’t romanticize barbarianism. It is a horror, an affliction on the earth. And contrary to what you surmised, there is no identity within islam. You are part of the entire body with no mind of your own like the Borg. Should you try to become other than a part of that body, you will surely die, or at the very least be tortured beyond belief until you submit.

This is all perfectly visible. We SEE and KNOW the evil they do, but the conversions continue unabated as if the world had suddenly become not only insane, but deaf, dumb, and blind as well.

Christians and Jews have fractionalized THEMSELVES. They are not blameless for the state of their existence today. They have accepted heathenism within their own ranks, so acting as if they are victims is just nonsense.

I could go on, but truly the main point is WE believed we could ‘civilize’ the uncivilized, tolerate and accept the intolerable and unacceptable, and just the opposite has happened. THEY have succeeded in DECIVILIZING us. We have aquiesced to the murders of innocents. We have accepted and tolerated the bestial and abnormal. Our Churches and Synagogues have bestowed G-d’s blessings upon abomination…which is what islam has done. MAN has done this.

The price we will pay for this is yet to be meted out. I fear it. I fear it greatly.

Please note. I do not ever capitalize that which I do not respect.


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