What we are up against

Back in late 2004, Dutch filmmaker Theo van Gogh was murdered by a muslim who was a member of a domestic islamic cell, the Hofstad network. We might say the murder of the defenseless van Gogh was particularly brutal, but of course it wasn’t – it was typical of the insanity expressed by islam everywhere.

First, van Gogh was shot, without warning, with 8 shots from a handgun.  He was, of course, unarmed.  That is what EU likes its nonmuslim citizens to be and besides,, van Gogh was no warlike person.  But all islamic operations manuals tell their audience, at the top of priorities: Get Weapons!

Then mutilated with knives, and an islamic manifest left pinned to his chest.

Now, of course, our jihad-sucking media is breathlessly waiting for the US filmmaker behind the so-called “Mohammed” movie, a product it seems was part of a false-flag operation involving the islamists and the US federal government, to be the “the next van Gogh”.  The US federal government, currently not showing any discernible difference between the administration and muslim militants, seems to be trying to make that happen.

Of course, we have lots and lots of “moderate muslims” going off the handle screaming about all these insults to islam, trying to ram through blasphemy laws making them a protected and ruling class.  Blasphemy laws.  In the 21st century.

Here’s a quick example of the neanderthals in our midst.  Return them.  They come from somewhere.


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