The EU’s Masters

The European Union wants to live off muslim tourism.  I guess that is logical in a non-democratic fascist juggernaut completely in the thrall of institutionalised antisemitism and statism, the like of we haven’t seen since Adolph’s days.  So they’re here committing to submit.  There won’t be much criticism of  islamic genocide from Eurabia, we can be sure of that.

A while ago I had little discussion on twitter with a Norwegian “EU-researcher” about the fascist non-democracy of the European Union.

Basically, this was his response:

He was an EU researcher, so his opinion was the valid one, and no such problem existed.

Then he retracted his tweet (a common tactic in fashionable fascistry).

The problem, of course, was that on examination his current whitepaper dealt with two things:

  • Making the EU’s “democratic deficit” less visible.
  • Diminishing the role of each nation’s constitution.

Ok. People have their motives, and in the context of Europe they’re often plucked straight from the sewer.  One look at the researcher’s neck beard tells me more than I really need to know about what’s on foot in Eurabia, a systematic selling out of the whole region to the new and shiny national socialism of Mohammed, and the barbarians of islam.

So I guess we’re condemned to swarms of supremacist jihadists and djinn-analysts taking in the sights of the dhimmis, reserving public parks, and all that other traditional stuff.  Our jihad fellow travellers probably figure that the crocodile will eat them last, at least as long as they have Jews to throw in.

Get rid of these people.  We’re almost out of time.


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