Islamic Animism

Well. Not quite, but close enough – the bizarre belief that the planet Earth, and indeed maybe parallel universes as well, are manifesting signs of the very special god that was invented by a roving band of bandits who jumped on (and slaughtered) a tribe  that was so lucky to have found a black meteorite.  The stone came to be known as the kaabaa and the center of islamic beliefs.

Go back in islam, and what you find is pure animism, mixed with unquenchable bood thirst and hatred.  And all-encompassing envy chiefly against the Jews, for having been the first monotheists.

A little further on, we’ll have some very startling “sign of allah” stuff on here.  I’ll just check with Mesta before it goes here, she spotted it :).

Anyway. Enjoy or gag, whatever.  This is proof that islamics can use Google Earth for other things than just aiming Grad missiles!


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