Another moment of truth at the Democrat Convulsion.

Having removed the references to Jerusalem as the capital of Israel from the party platform, and likewise the references to God, the party got cold feet and placed the items back in.  For which they were soundly booed by the jihad wing, the communist wing, the muslim wing, and the national socialist wing of the party.  I hear there were some traditional mussolinians wanting to get a boo in, but they couldn’t get past security on account of their helmet spikes.  Better luck next time, if there is one.

Anyway, Debbie Wasserman Schultz is spinning the event so fast that she is at risk of losing any dentures, and it is rumored that if there’s one more boo out of the unruly bunch, Barack will eat BO as a reprisal.  Maybe even some of the booers.  Folks from Daily KOS may want to bow to their master’s voice instead of booing and hissing.

Oh well.  Fun, fun, fun, for the whole family,  seeing the national socialist slash jihad party divebombing into oblivion.

Stuka, anyone?


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