Islam: Children in Catacombs

The kids are still not all right, obviously.

These guys held a large number of children locked up in secret underground storage areas – catacombs.  You might think this is a one-off, but it’s not.  In Saddam’s Iraq, there were several similar examples.  The US antiwar movement was livid that the US insulted islam by breaking those Iraqi kids free.  God knows what the US Jihad admin makes of this one.  Probably giving it the old Jihad fellow traveller go of profound silence.

Anyway. Modest shack on top, with small minaret.  Eight story invisible building underneath, holding shild prisoners.  For, as the video says, a decade. The holding pen seems also to have functioned as a rape camp.

Whatever this is, it is crimes against humanity.  Into which category an extremely large part of islam falls, by default.


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