Leftist Echo Chambers

.. and the people stuck inside them.

Not so long ago, there was a major sort of flap about how leftist/progressive/communist journalists, newspeople and bloggers got their talking points and pre-cooked stands handed to them at a socialist soup kitchen known as the  “journo-list”.  This was basically an email discussion list, and it was meant to be very private.  As with all email-lists though, there is no real expectation of privacy and it eventually leaked, got whistleblowers, and ended up shown to the world for the apparatus of lies that it was.

After the bizarre declaration from the SPLC that Malik Shabazz of the New Black Panthers is a radical rightwinger, I think a critical examination of another communist soup kitchen is in order.  That soup-cookery is known as “militia-watch”, and it operates under the ADL aegis.  The “official” purpose is to combat antisemitic hatred, but over time there is wholesale cooperation with raw and untamed antisemitism and extreme leftist hatred.  Lots of people have left this group over the years because of this. 

Many years ago, when bringing up the facts about La Raza’s policies and their similarities to Arafat’s intifada (he actually coached them), Mr. Potok went nuts over anyone not toeing the far left line.  But I got private thank-you messages from the Wiesenthal folks.  Since then, the repression of any “non-progressive” voices in that club has only worsened.

Anyway, a misbehaving group such as this is serious not just because it forms the basis of a press bullhorn of bullcrap, but also because it delivers the premise for the law enforcement, federal justices and other entities, like government aides who want to curtail free speech in the US.

So we’ll just publish, publish, publish.  There’s no better disinfectant than sunlight, and if any old friends should feel any heat – why, there’s sunblocker in the stores.  If there’s any luxuries left on the shelves in Obamerica.

Here’s my final farewell to a militiawatch grown too communist, too antisemitic (actually), and too comical for its own good:

Date: Wed, 14 Oct 2009 08:12:16 -0500
From: David.P @co.travis
To: watchdog@militia-watchdog.org
Subject: Re: [MW] Teabagger secession talk is heard in Arabia

I’m happy that Stale Fagerland is on this list.  Anyone who thinks that “teabagger” is hate speech needs the education that comes from exposure to real hate speech.  The discourse of political disagreement is not “hate speech” by any stretch of the imagination.  I am puzzled by the reference to “dirty homosexual term”.  What a bizarre post.

>>> Ståle Fagerland<staalef@gmail.com> 10/14/2009 5:07 AM >>>
Bernard J wrote:

  The English-language Saudi Gazette has carried a story about American secession movements:

Oh brother II.

Teabagger: a bizarre and rather dirty homosexual term popular in leftist hate speech,
in principle not much different from hate speech found on Stormfront, Vanguard or
other national *socialist* forums.

Of course, the subject line is misleading, because the Saudi newspaper did not
mention “teabaggers”  at all  (indeed, that kind of language use in the kingdom would
likely lead to a flogging, if not a beheading – which would probably be a bad thing).

And then, of course, there is the fact that couching your “academic discourse” like
some demented transcript of “the aristocrats” does very little for the argument.

While we’re at it, you might also want to drop the term “birther”, seing that the
president so far has been unable to prove that he wasn’t grown in a vat and
programmed by greys.  I understand that there are pictures of him sporting a
navel, but then again, photoshoppery is so simple these days.  And of course,
there is the old standby – the patty :).


So, the names have been slightly altered to protect the guilty, but one of them is a federal justice.   Another example: A highly placed California State official who has been pushing, pushing, pushing that Meir Kahane and his son stood for the killings of “countless Arabs”. 

I can hardly overstate the importance of cleaning up this mess, of course.


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