Another look back on what is pretty clearly world war III, not a cold war but a hot one and waged by islam against all others.

These are events from Betlehem, where islamics wanted for violent crimes occupied the Church of the Nativity.  In the course of that occupation, they vandalized the place to the point of no nook or cranny free of excrement.  That, of course, is the natural order of things.  Western socialists, like the occupy movement, do much the same thing.  In the end, the murderous lot were given free passes to European (Eurabian) countries.  They left numerous booby traps and bombs in the church, but no Eurabian – “Christian” or otherwise – seemed to have the slightest problem with that.

And western “Christians”, like the denizens of the Norwegian Christian newspaper “Vårt Land”, make pilgrimages to their friends in HAMAS and go gaga over how they’re served coffee.


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