This one is for you, Jim Thompson!

Or maybe it’s for Jim Robinson.  The left can’t seem to keep them apart.

Anyway, Jim (Thompson or Robinson) runs the conservative forum Free Republic which for many years has been one of the main lightning rods for socialist, islamist and nazist hate in America.  Denizens of that forum are called Freepers.  I am won.

Over the years, the Freepers have chalked up some pretty impressive and decisive victories.  Remember “Sore/Loserman”, the graphic that played a huge role in defeating the Gore/Lieberman ticket?  Freerepublic.

Ripping the cloak of lies off Dan Rather’s attacks on G.W.Bush’s military service?  Freerepublic.

Drilling down to the truth about John Kerry?  Freerepublic.

Blowing the grotesque and hateful antisemite forum of Samuel Francis off the web? Freerepublic.

Lately there’s been a lot of discussion about the Tea Party, which is another hate object for the left, and about Mitt Romney.  Lots of conservatives are very sceptical about the fellow, some more than others.

But the difference between Romney and racist Obama is like day and night, and we’re united in feeling that if Obama is given four more years, there will not be a USA left.

So, the Republicans are going to win this one, and Freerepublic will be in the thick of it.  As it’s been before.  And when the leftists go insane and go shooting people, the Freepers just crank their Beebers up to “stun” and get the facts out.  And if a significant blast wave rolls in, why – they just head for the shovers.  And if a moose bites your sister, it can always be cured with cheese.

So, anyway.  There’s a link to Freerepublic in the link section, but here it is too:



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