Eurabian Headaches

I’ll just let this gentleman stand for us all. No funnies.  How I wish we had politicians like this.

Swiss MP Oskar Freysinger.



2 responses to “Eurabian Headaches

  • dymphna

    oopsie;I goofed on my twitter. Instead of saying the first Islamic state: Kosovo. I replaced ii with SERBIA, *(&%$#* ADD.

    Need to re-do thatNever twit sans pain meds, Dymphna.

    My co-blogger helped with the sub-titling on this one. Mostly cleaning up the grammar and spelling iirc.

    He agrees with you: we all need one of him. At this point, maybe dozens. Good looks don’t hurt. A speaking style that appears extemporaneous is what makes him so dynamic though.

    Bring in the clones!

  • dymphna

    Deleted and corrected. While I’m at it, make that “Send in the Clones”.

    If you haven’t read “Mohammed and Charlemagne Revisited” I would like to make a present of it to you.

    If you have a Kindle or have downloaded the free Kindle app to your computer, I can send it that way. The hard copy is nice to have for some of the archeological pics, but definitely not necessary. I did my first two readings on my kindle app. The third was the book.

    Here is our review:

    This book is a paradigm shift. No less than that. Will it be buried? Certainly.Will it eventually be resurrected? As surely as our heliocentric cosmology eventually prevailed.

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