Islamic Science: Bugs

And we don’t mean Bugs Bunny, but Bugs like you never knew before.

This is an oldie but goodie, originally (years ago) it was on a muslim website focussed on “modern science” or how islam has the real scientific science that leaves you (and all Koran-readers) gaping.  You, infidel,  will be snapping for air.  The Fidels will be gasping at the wondrous scientific wonder of modernity.

Anyway, Memri has done us a huge service putting this lecture on film.  It was always one of the funniest things ever.

So. The fly carries disease on one wing, and the cure on the other. Drink the cure wing in tea if you got infested by the disease wing.

It makes perfect sense.  If you think about it.

This is as good as the scientific discussion of “The Space Jews”.



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