Modern Evil

Here’s a little snippet from the Caliphate boys again.  The global totalitarian movement aided and abetted by the iftar-sucking, koran-thumping oval occupant.

Note how glibly the thing uses elements of music which shariah condemns as deadly sin: all is fair in the islamist war.

Here’s an interesting little quote from Prof. Paul Eidelberg citing Prof. Kenneth Hart Green regarding islamism and evil:

 Professor Green contends—and here I will simplify his remarks—that “Islamism is an original and unprecedented form of modern evil, and especially of religious abomination.” It “emerges as a true monotheistic idolatry” [for it denies the free will of man]. [Islam] “unapologetically embraces all the modern devices (ideology, technology, mass persuasion, etc.), and employs them to do its radical evil.”

On with the film, then.  Göbbels-gobble  for America and the world.


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