Soon: Another 9.11 Anniversary

And if history is any teacher, it’s the season to be merry for islamics.

This is Palestinians, celebrating the attack on the twin towers.  Such celebrations were widespread; not only did the Palestinians have their festivities but so did leftists worldwide even if not dancing in the streets so much.

Anyway, leftists and Palestinian authorities alike were quick to claim that all this news of celebrating Palestinians was an Israeli fake.  Trooferism before France gave us the first bona fide troofer, so to speak.

However, according to Snopes, the stuff was and is real.

Also of slight interest: immediately after the hit, a Palestinian group – a subgroup of the PFLP if I remember (must check the archives) – actually tried to take credit.  This would seem to be the same group that our Norwegian broadcaster resource on terrorism, Lars Gule, was smuggling explosives for.


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