The Toonfuries

The cartoon brouhaha has really been as valuable to the islamic war effort as a significant military operation.  It has – completely groundlessly – backed western (and particularly scandinavian) civ back on its heels feverisly looking for rocks to crawl under.  Who, in their wildest fantasies, would have thought that Danish farmers would be vulnerable to boikotts by the Mad Alhazreds, just as an example?  Of course, we cynics would, but we’re not very nice.  We see monsters where there are monsters.

Of course, our tsunami of apologists and “christians” who think that the wrong side won at Vienna will deny that there’s anything like an islamic war effort.

Anyway, this is a Danish embassy burning.  Another piece of Scandinavia admitting that it is really overrun and has to ask the muslims for permission to speak.



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