HAMAS means Sadism

From the unimaginable mind of HAMAS.  I’m beginning to think that the term that the islamics always are pushing – “revert” – actually means regressed to something prehuman.

Anyway, most of you will be familiar with the story of Gilad Shalit.  Some of you may even have heard of this little movie; probably not too many have actually seen it.  Western press was always very careful not to show muslims in a bad light.

The movie is a right little piece of mental perversity, you have to be very sick indeed to come up with this thing.  or just an islamist.

Well, Shalit is out of their grip now.  So it should be OK to put it on.  I’d suggest that all our Norwegian press people and politicians who love HAMAS for dear life (they know who they are) watch this very carefully.  The go look in the mirror and say to themselves “I am scum”.


One response to “HAMAS means Sadism

  • dymphna

    Tried to use the “reblog” feature at the top of your page. The drop down doesn’t seem to permit adding a blog name.

    I often think of this young man and wonder about his recovery.

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