Islam: The Nazification of the Toddlers

In Norway, we have some particularly benighted liberal media people and politicians.  These worthies generally will tell you that radical islam is the prerogative of “angry young men”, some of them will tell you that we must not look – because that might make us angry and then we end up with Breiviks.  Or, having “palestinians” in their family, exhort us to submit – or the situation might get “very dangerous”.

So. Oldish clip. There’s young men in it, toddlers really, in uniform and with rifles. Being marched up by female jihadis in a ceremony very reminiscent of the good ol Hitler days (indeed, nothing impressed Adolph as much as islam which according to some sources turned him greenish with envy).

The clip is from a defunct jihadist site, but the uploader claimed to be of Sheik Gilani’s family. The Gilani of al Fuqra, or Muslims of America.  It’s quite possible he was right, because he put a lot of the private family matters in the street, including the connection to Saudi Arabia.

But this is from Pakistan. Where Obama is supposed to have spent months under the radar, as a student.

Roll film. Some of you may get appropriate chills down your spine. Some of our liberals may get a thrill up their leg.


2 responses to “Islam: The Nazification of the Toddlers

  • dymphna

    Sheik Gilani, the man of my dreams. Or nightmares. There is a road in the next county named after him. The Board of Supervisors there are too afraid to have the road sign removed – with good reason. On that lane is the compound where live in decaying trailers, the Sheik’s followers & their families. These followers were recruited from various prisons and live together in Islamic bliss…though they mostly seem to have abandoned the place – supposedly following orders to “disperse into the communities”. i believe they took all their weapons with them.

    The neighbors must be relieved. They were a sullen bunch at best. That place was our first look (back in 2005 or so) at the incursions Islamic supremacism is making into American life. Since then, we’ve seen the pace pick up perceptibly via the REALLY organized and deeply funded Muslim Brotherhood.

    I don’t have the patience for videos usually. But this one is fascinating even if its meaning is beyond my ken. The Little Prince they cut to occasionally during that long rant has obviously been trained on the fine points of standing still for long periods of time looking with precisely measured disdain…words fail me. How to describe the chill?

    That woman’s voice has been imprinted on my brain. Think I’ll use some lashings of Gregorian chant to disperse those sounds. The best antidote I can think of, besides maybe some Bach…

    • hahyrningur

      This is from Hafsa, the sister mosque of Lal, or the red mosque. Very, very militant.

      Interesting thing about the uploader, he detailed how the Gilanis were tied into SA by way of a female member.

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