Seeing that the Balkans are a bit in the news again, we’re putting up this old clip from the citizenship ceremony for the Arab Al Quaida figthers helping their EU brothers.

The clip is without the unfortunate football match (this is mostly a family usable site), but the banners and the rest tells you what you need to know.

In the years after, there has been a crescendo of claims from the islamist side and their fellow travellers that:

  1. It didn’t happen.
  2. These folks were not Arabs and certainly not Al Quaida.
  3. There was a mistake, which the government and NATO are now looking into.
  4. The Arab fighters have now mostly been deported.

At the time of the conflict the US removed the islamist alliance (KLA) from the terrorist rolls, and the reason was and is classified.  History repeats neatly in Nigeria at this moment – Boko Haram, an official segment of  Al Quaida, is not being put on the terrorist lists.  Back when we were talking to Boko Haram they were not shy at all about declaring their membership; we may put that stuff up later.  I think it was saved.  Anyway, hint: the role of islamic terror in EU has quite a lot to do with drug routes and mule traffic, which is the tie to several US administrations.

The point, of course, is that the US Democratic party – Bill Clinton, Barack Obama et al – is bedecked in blood of innocents up to its grubby elbows.  And that anyone, anywhere, putting socialists in power is buying something they didn’t bargain for.   Caveat emptor.


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