Invading Scandinavia

This is an oldie, if not a goodie.  We’re talking about Ahmed Rami, a Moroccan army officer who had to make himself scarce after a failed coup plot against the Moroccan king. That”s his own story, by the way.

Anyway, he set up shop in Sweden, and eventually garnered enough attention both for a jail term and for eventually being forced out of Swedish activity. Far as I know there’s now a number of mirror webs of his original “fighting for the Palestinians” outlets. But the Swedish parliament itself had to move to make that happen. Should have moved to Norway. He’d probably be in government by now.

 A bit of the description of his history is here on Wikipedia (the boy has been around):

The really interesting thing about this li’l ol islamist is his straightforward segueing into nazism and back again like some demented yoyo.  He is thus one of the classical nazi/islamic crosses. Sorry if mentioning crosses offends anyone here in Scandinavia.

His nazist links being what they are, he’s also someone that good ol’  Tvedt at links to.  Vigrid is thus plugged into militant Islam and the palestinian terror campaigns through this conduit.

Anyway, for his original site, look here:

I say original, but I don’t think any of his stuff is actually hosted in Sweden anymore. But looks and contents seem unchanged.

Oh, and just a couple screenshots of abbc:




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