A Tourist Repellent

This is another Norwegian stain on the fabric of the universe:


Evidently, this fellow runs a swimming school, thinks he has some kind of authority over the Oslo Islands, and is in a snit over “the holocost”.  Well, at least he didn’t pick up his fellow jewhater’s term “holoco$t”, although that is probably mostly due to simplemindedness.

A conservative outlet already pointed out this little sh*tstain years ago. Unfortunately, that fellow treads a bit softly, even when you need a flamethrower.  We, on the other hand, aim to misbehave.

So tourism to this spot is a nono. Israelis obviously cannot visit; God knows what the guy might get up to. Apart from that, he seems to have some kind of vendetta going towards unrelated businesses.

Pictures. This has been the Islands outward face for many years. No activists paying lip service to antisemitism being “unacceptable” has reacted to no end of prodding.



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