In the belly of the beast

As some of you may (or may not) know, both my partner and I spent literally decades tucked away in the smoky backrooms of various extremist organizations and groups.  And one of the most interesting groups comprise  the well established US liberal icons, the ADL in conjuction with the SPLC.

These two have established something called militiawatch, which is really a very old personal interest group founded by Mark Pitcavage.  The group later was incorporated more formally under the aegis of the ADL.

While I was a member (circa 2000-2011), the group counted, as far as I know, in the neighbourhood of 500 members, most of them US-based.

Just a few observations about this group (we’ll do more detail later on).

There’s no doubt that the group (as well as the ADL itself) was set up with the best of intentions.  There’s also no doubt that it eventually morphed into a hate group, which actually promotes jihad and antisemitism.  It does this by standing at the outer left fringe and catering to both the islamics and the Mexican intifada in the name of tolerance.

The group conversation is the same hate speech kaudervelsh  you’ll find in other “progressive” outlets like the occupy movement.  This, however, has gone on for many years out of public scrutiny, and the echo chamber is full of people in power: federal judges, law enforcement, press people (thought “journo-list was the only one?”), administration execs and a veritable army of informers and spies some of which are hate groups tripping the light fantastic at the edge of terrorism.

This has not gone on without some resistance, of course, and quite a few people left over the years.

Anyway, as the left gears up to become an actual armed insurgency all over the west, this stuff becomes more and more relevant and dangerous.

More later.


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