Peace Train

Well, not so you’d notice.  It’s just the title of the old shariah-meister Cat Stevens’ perhaps most popular tune, which by now probably has translated into millions of dollars for AK47’s and other goodies for the jihad.  And that includes a waqf for British muslim schools.

Didn’t know that ol’ Cat was a bigshot in the waqf biz?  The boy has been quite good at moving around under the radar, but he has a lot of stuff going on.

But now: The Waqf!

Three old shots:


And the current about page. Note founder.

And some old text grabbed:

“Muslim schools consistently outperform local non-faith schools in the league tables. UKIEW uses your zakah, sadaqah donations to raise standards and help children from needy families to receive Islamic Education they would otherwise be deprived of” Yusuf Islam

 About Us The UK Islamic Education Waqf (UKIEW) seeks donations to help pay for community based education projects in Britain. Alhamdulillah, since its establishment in 1991, the UKIEW has raised and distributed almost £1.8 million to weekend schools, madrassas and full-time Muslim schools around the country. This work has depended on the help of Allah and support from generous people like you…. The education of children is an on-going reality. Remember, you can pay Zakah and Sadaqah towards Islamic education (this helps us pay school fees for needy youngsters) as well as any other donation to assist young Muslims to have a better future, insha’Allah. The cost of providing an Islamic education can be less than the cost of a satellite dish. The price to pay for no Islamic Education is too much to contemplate – drugs, promiscuity, domestic violence, broken homes and so on. Please spend what you can to support UKIEW in its work. If you help us, we can help full-time and part-time Muslim schools to provide our children with a balanced Islamic education. It’s our community’s future we are talking about. So please, send your donation today. You may be wondering what we do. Here is an example of our daily workflow:

Trustees & Patrons The Trustees of UKIEW Muhammad Akram Khan Cheema OBE (Charman of UKIEW) Dr Musharraf Hussain OBE ( Managing Trustee) Mohammed Sarwar Rija (Trustee) Dr Munazir Ahsan (Director Genral Islamic Foundation) The Honorary Patrons of UKIEW Dr. Yusuf Islam (Founder) Imran Khan (ex Pakistan Cricket Captain) Shaykh Yusuf Jameel Ghulam Sarwar Dr. Mohammad Ehtisham Fazlun Khalid Shamim Naimuddin Dr. Ibrahim Surly Saleh Hassan Dr. Ghulam Nabi Saqeb Moulana Habib Ur Rehman Dr. Mashuq Ibn Ally Dr Yusuf Qamar Amjad V Ahmed Faisal Usman All Mughram Al Ghamldl Dr. Muhammad Iqbal Dr Syed Aziz Pasha


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