The strangest of brews

You’ll get that from some of the more insane in the Norwegian corporate world.

We seem. lately, to be blessed with the marketing spam from Norman ASA, as bizarre as that might seem.  Haven’t checked to see if there’s anything untoward in their html, but really, it’s at least a stalking/harassment issue.  Meybe that grinning little marketing elf Lødemel has finally blown a gasket.

So, anyway, apart from the company being a swindling pit of vipers, the product – as I’ve had the displeasure of using it for years – doesn’t perform.  I used to be blasted by trivial malware on a weekly basis, which Norman never seemed able to clear up. But which Avast, with its micro footprint has had no problem with, and Malwarebytes as a zeroday stopper.  GOOD security software is possible, but not if you focus on travel, egopumpimg meetings and gangsterism.

Of course, Norman now seems to be led by another poison pill from Oracle, perhaps the most destructive venture in modern computing.  If computing ever goes back to abacuses, we’re sure to find some Oracle inceststuff somewhere in the corpse of modern computing.

As I said, strange.  But from a strange land.


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