More birds

I’ve made a small comment on the police’s rather stupid implementation of the Canary Trap, but I’m really not finished.  I have to let off a little more steam, because I know Sigurd Klomsæt.

I may not be the best character witness around, after being mangled by Norman.  But I have a problem with sitting down and shutting up.

As some of you may know, I served as elected union secretary during the last two-three years of Norsk Data. and I knew Klomsæt as the attorney who had the task of putting back together lives shattered by a company leadership that was often incompetent, greedy, underhanded and simply devious to a point that was bizarre.  If I told you some of the “creative” stunts pulled by these paragons of progressive thought, you might not believe me.  There’s another few book chapters right there.

Anyway, Klomsæt worked through it all. The end of Norsk Data was an orgy of random and irrational dismissals, done in the most callous fashion imaginable.  During the process, he mitigated effects that would have been disaster for many and it wouldn’t surprise me if he saved a few lives.

Anyway.  Our official nincompoops have botched their job, as usual, and as usual they’re taking it out on one of the good guys.

Pi**ed.  Back soon.


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