Dazed & Confused

But quite gratified.

Rather bad pain and climbing bloodsugar drove me off for a nap a while ago.  Wakened by the doorbell, I stumbled out to the door in just my old football shorts to find a guy from the home nursing service wanting to ascertain that I was getting my medicines, all that heart and diabetes stuff that easily constitutes a small meal.

Now, unfortunately I’m not really up to making any treks off to the local doctor’s office for bandage changes and such, so I’m stuck with open-air healing probably making me look like Frankenstein.  Upside is that it’s working pretty well.  Clean wound just healing, probably better than stuck under bandages.

Anyway, I don’t know the name of the gentleman who was at the door of fort chaos here. It was nice seeing him, though :).

Now, just be grateful I’m not in the Obama administration.  Or I might start shooting pics of body parts and putting on here.


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