Early Hunting Days 2

I’ve mentioned the day-long meeting with POT and kripos that kicked off some rather odd exploits and a linkage to Norman ASA which turned out to be not quite the thing peddled by the two owners, and the “icebreaker letter” that preceded it.  The icebreaker is interesting in itself, as it set out a scheme also involving the Canadian justice dept., and sought to keep authonomy and control out of the hands of single companies.  Trusting the promises of Norman ASA in matters concerning authonomy was probably my first unforgivable putziness. There were other, later, examples of naivete in which I tended to ascribe criminality and malevolence to childish incompetence and ignorance. They’re a bit further out, but trust me: zingers ;).

Anyway, the “icebreaker” (all 4 pages of it) is available, notarized if so desired.

The gracious host for the meeting itself was Lensmann Ole Grindekåsa of Sauherad.

More later.


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