Stone Age Multimedia

Fil-Info message #3224 from xxxxx xxxxxxxx to ALL.

   Entered on 12th September, 1993 at 14:43, 7 lines.


Subject: FIRE!!.LHA (303,537b)





  This is a direct sample from a burning church. It’s sourse shall

remain unspoken…



Ahh.  From the timeline, this was probably Røa Church, and it didn’t burn down.  That would probably have been a bit difficult, seeing that it was/is a brick building, here:

 Anyway, this little peek into the early nineties shows a bit of what was going on.  Now, if anyone thinks that this was not a campaign of hate, try imagining that someone had started burning down old – in many cases hundreds of years or even milennia old – mosques.  We’d have riots, even here in Norway.  In Saudi Arabia or Iran there would have been pogroms.

 And of course, there was a wide field of knowledge as to who were involved.  Still, my impression is that it was all very low-key.  A ”boys will be boys” sort of thing, and quite a bit of tolerance for what was and is really an appalling indictment of Norwegian culture.  In fact, not too long ago some commenters to a Norwegian newspaper were calling for a renewal of the glorious days of church-burning.

 Anyway, this is part of the history 101 project and digging out records.  Sometimes I find little treats.  Or as Forest Gump would say: Life is like a box of chocolates.  And so on.  Except I do know, of course.

 The even more interesting background here is that the BBS that this was carried on claimed to be part of a LDS (Mormon Church) network.  Ideological stowaways seem to be the order of the 20th century.  Very early use of multimedia for hate crimes, even if it was only a stupid sound file.

Also, some commenters think the church burner period had something to do with Asatru.  No such thing.  Back then, Varg Vikernes took his identity from a leader of Tolkien’s orcs.  In prison he changed image from all-black hair/clothes and weird satanist/evil ideology, to all-white and eventually worked himself into the “Nordic idiom”.  But the gangs back in 93 saw themselves as worshippers of evil, and also sometimes bragged of having a weapons supply from the nazists.


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