Obstacle Course



Pictures first!  Novelty!

The ongoing process is to get all the old Jaz media moved to some better home.  And that hasn’t been altogether problem free.

First, the powersupply for the currently running JazII died.  Switching powersupplies does that with somewhat boring regularity.  I first tried looking for a replacement in the marketplace – Ebay is overflowing with this equipment, non-used or hardly used, which probably reflects widespread disgust.  The most enterprising, though, was the company wanting to sell this stuff for $4.95 a piece, and then charging $161 for shipping.  Cons are not limited too the AV-business.

Eventually dug up the powersupply for the old JazI (pic 3), and it worked.  For a bit, until I could dump most of what I wanted.  Btw, you see the top of that JazI?  It is built for stacking the drives on each other.  And these pieces of garbage were so sensitive that if you touched them so that they skipped out of alignment (an amazing fall of three millimeters), it would likely kick a head out of whack.  Setting the drive on a course of randomly eating its media.

Anyway, after having gotten most of the interesting stuff out of a mountain of Jaz media, I took off the power to get the thing into proper light to get all the writing.  And I put power on the supply again.  Whereupon it exploded (just an internal pop, a wisp of smoke and a smell of rotten fish.  Swinish thing is made in China, but regardless: really old switching power supplies that have been just sitting for 20 years can be dangerous, and you had better not leave them alone.  Probably poisonous as well, I wouldn’t be surprised if I grew a tail.

As it is, no harm done.  Turns out that many vendors use the exact same power supply (or with better specs), and I have a shoppingbagful.  The one in line was the one running my old Maxtor, I think.


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