Dealings with Nanny State

As you might have noted, I was a little pi**ed off about the dificulty in getting effective pain relief in the shape of acetyl-salicyl based medications (which work well on me) compared to the opiate stuff, which doesn’t really work well and also is said to be addictive.  Now, I don’t think I can actually be addicted to the stupid stuff; I seem to have a built-in sort of antabuse function, but the thing is: after the first few doses, working normally, it just makes things worse.  Aspirin (or Dispril, Disprin or whatever) always works.

So, as I said, here in Norway you can get these tablets at 24 a buy.  Your doctor is supposed to ba able to prescribe larger amounts when indicated.

A couple of pictures:


Same procedure as always, to get the writing and assorted idiocy, click the pic.

As you can see, I eventually got a prescription, after much begging, for three times 24 tablets.  I am evidently free to take a child’s dose 4 times a day (you will note on pic 2 that an adult, normal dose is 2-3 tablets 4 times a day).  This is for a shattered shoulder with a steel plate.

So what is this stupidity?  Random torture?  Not-so-random torture?

Stay tuned.  We’ll find out.


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