Bubble, Bubble (Solution)

Well, it’s Monday, it’s shitty weather, and it’s before february 1st.  So here’s the solution to the megacorp question.

The corporation (as probably everyone in the industry not stoned out of their mind or in a drunken stupor knows), is VMWARE, and the virus writer is QuantumG of virus group VLAD.

A quick reference is here:


There’s some more around the web, detailing stocks amounts and such.  It’s not like good ol’ Quantum really has tried to hide anything.  We have, of course, screenshot and copied a good selection for the archives.

So is this so bad?  Virus writer makes good?  Yes and no.  There’s of course questions you can ask about companies hiring virus writers.  But the real important thing is the way in which the AV-industry responded.

For example, I know that I briefed Norman on this at a very early point.  Now, the AV-industry is supposed to not be dealing with the virus side.  Instead, I think everyone in the whole industry except maybe the switchboard ladies got a VMWARE license.  Of course I don’t have the actual number of licenses sold to the AV-industry; I know there was a lot.

So there you have it.  Just a naked little example of CARO and the AV-business sticking to principle.  Not.


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