Whistling past the graveyard

After my optimistic new-years thing, this may seem a little unduly harsh.  I feel it is time, though.

 As some of you may know, I’m working on a book about the Norwegian cyber underground from roughly 1991 and onwards.  Among the other things stuffed away here is the record of the Norwegian church burner movement, their goals and ideology (including their own communications), and their fate.  That was, of course, before Norman ASA turned to moral turpitude and a small and squalid internal reign of terror themselves.

 In the begining, the thing was to be just about ”The Count”, his followers, the campaign of hate against Norwegian Christians, and the aftermath.  Turns out that there’s too many dots to be connected and too many dirty filthy secrets within my own old business, so there’s going to be dots duly connected, whistles blown, names named and so on.  I hope, in the end, to get an inquiry into the whole of the antivirus and security business.

 Oh, and to the psychopath who threatened me with perjury and/or destruction of evidence, I can only repeat that evidence is rather plentiful – because I never throw anything away.  Even if those people took pains not to commit anything to paper.  Even the slipperiest worm slips up sometimes.

 So anyway, the course that my employers embarked on when they found that I had contact with (gasp) *Jews*, I regard as a murder attempt.  Some may of course feel that such an assessment is a little over the top.  However, if I had filmed my Galtung-inspired boss going chalky white and screaming spittle over the table and placed it on youtube, it might seem quite reasonable.

 As it was, the venture did destroy my health to some degree, but it came very close to killing my partner, who has survived mid-east terrorists, south-american drug barons and Mexican cartels.  She fell to a massive heart attack, and is in no way out of the woods.  For this, there is a price.

 So we’re pulling the plug on secrets regarding the industry.  Some are bad but not very well hidden, like that megacorporation.  Some are better buried, like the French sadist plant biologist dug into the US system, the author of the Happy99 worm – who enjoyed chatting with desperate victims of his malware.  Dunno if he’s gone back to his native France, it’s a quick check.

It will be interesting times.


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