Going Armed

Not really :).  This is really just about my arm.  And politicians.  And stuff.  Regular hatemapping programming will be back directly.

You might have noticed that I mentioned that in some respects the lowly aspirin works better on me than certain new-fangled synthetic and addicitive medications.  Well, here’s something for our American friends to wrap their heads around: it’s harder, here, to keep yourself legally in a supply of aspirin than in a supply of addicitive narcotics.  I’m not making this up.

The rules here in Norway is 24 tablets of aspirin type in one buy.  And there’s a whole raft of bizarre regulation attached.  Now, if you have a bona fide pain condition, there’s no problem getting longterm supplies of opiate based painkillers.

Of course, if you’re worried about Obama copying European healthcare, this is one the things in your future.  No more 1000-tablets aspirin bottles.  Welcome to 24-tablet rationing.  Actually I think that for the English it’s 32.  But they were always a little rebellious.



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