Bubble, Bubble

Another slightly offtopic post.

In order to make 2012 particularly interesting, we’ll have a renewed look at things like the antivirus and security field.  There are many pots here with tight lids and smelly contents.

I’ll give you an example.  From time to time, rhe computer press will hint that antivirus companies sometimes hire malware writers.  The companies in question will then stridently claim that this is just malignant and ignorant myth.

Well, every real insider knows that it’s no myth.  And osint folks in particular know where the dogs are buried.

So to start you all off on a hot trail: WHAT software megacorporation got its start supplying the antivirus-sector, with one of the main virus-authors in the world as one of its main people (with stocks)?

Just dump your guesses in the comment field.  The solution will be given later (before feb.1st).

This sort of stuff is just surface pus, of course.  There’s far worse, and it’s time we got daylight in dark corners.

Have fun.


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