The Legion of Saints

Yeah, really ;).

Anyway, just putting the mangled arm to work here.  Found that aspirin actually works better on severe pain than the opiate-based stuff they gave me, so here we go.

The Legion of Saints ( is a quite old racialist outfit with all the trappings of the Klan/Neonazi loony tunes.  The site is still up.  Last we checked, the big poobah, or saint, or something, was one Morris L. Gulett.

The usual procedure: pictures and text.



Text capture (like the pics, from 2005):

The Legion of Saints is a theo-political, Christian Identity Church organization, governed by the will of the Creator, our Father YHVH, outlined in His Holy word, the Bible. We stand on the principles of Racial segregation and White Racial supremacy. We believe that the White Race, are the direct descendants of the Adamic man made in the image of YHVH, in the of garden of Eden; and was placed here to be the light bearer and supreme ruling Race of this lost and dying world. It is through continued disobedience to His Life-Law, that the White Race has sunk into the quagmire, that we find ourselves perilously captive to today. As far as our survival and of our natural ruling status is concerned, we have indeed become the tail and the tail has most certainly become the head, as promised by YHVH God the Father, written in Deuteronomy chapter 28, His Holy Word. Through miscegenation and integration, we have become an abomination to He who created us. Time and again, YHVH spoke to us through the prophets, warning us of the very things that have befallen our Race today, if we as a people would continue in contempt and walk in disobedience to His laws. We understand that the Jew is the literal child of Satan and is the natural enemy of the White race, the Children of God. We; the Church of the Sons of YHVH, intend to shine the light to our Kindred People who wander in perpetual darkness. To those who have ears to hear, let them hear what the spirit saith unto the Church.


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