A busted shoulder and a steel plate.

This is going to be somewhat strange. There will be no pictures, nor video.  Neither will there be any ill will towards nasty and ignorant people, the number of which sometimes seem to exceed  the Earth’s population.  Instead, it is a kind of travel letter.  The press is fond of travel stories from strange and fancy loations where people go.  I went to a far better place than  any of them.

 On the 16th, I was going to do a quick mail run, to see if my custom heavy socks from Leah had arrived.  It was to be a long short trip.

 I think I had around 30 seconds to enjoy the beautiful, christmasy landscape covered in white before my feet disappeared into the air and I came down on my right shoulder, with a rather unpleasant crunchy sound.  Not my finest moment. Also, it hurt like the devil.  And my arm was nowhere to be found.  Turned out to be there, but just flopping loose like a scarf.

 So, what to do, what to do?  The spot where I went airborne isn’t visible from the neighbours, and in snowy weather it’s pretty much soundproof.  And no one was around.  So yelling didn’t even produce an echo.  Eventually I wriggled around to my knees, crept the way to the house and up the stairs, then down to the Bunker for the phone.  Smooth sailing from there, ambulance from a neigbour district, and on to hospital.  A hospital pretty far off, which turned out to be an amazing piece of luck right there, because they turn out to have one of the finest orthopedic wards in the country.

After an impressively short period of cleaning-up, medication, and examination I was whisked off to surgery where I was outfitted with a steel plate fixing my shoulder.  It was like turning out the light and turning it back on with my hand back under control.  It still hurts, and will for some time, but the arm is back. And not in a cast.  Output here will be a little slow for a time, but the blog will be back to its old unpleasant self again

 But not only that.  I’d pretty much written humanity off, as you’ll no doubt realize if you read the rest of this place.  And in that hospital (http://www.sthf.no/omoss/avdelinger/ortopedisk-sengeenhet/Sider/enhet.aspx) I had the privilege of meeting truly exceptional people – the nurses, orderlies, doctors, and not least, my fellow patients.  No one mentioned, no one forgotten.

 So, even though this was a fairly horrible experience which may drive me to actually get a cellphone (which I have avoided like the plague but it would have been handy this time around), the horizon seems brighter somehow.


Happy new year 🙂


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