Astucia, but not astute

Just chewing through old history, which is full of genuinely strange people.  This is another site I’d have expected to go down, but which is still there, demonstrating that if you sell insanity about Jews you’ll have a market segment forever.  I think I know Mr. Astucia’s other handle, but then again I may be wrong.

Screenshots, text.  One, two.


Holocaust denial, the joos killed kennedy, fbi killed lennon, we all want peace, standard indymedia drivel. Terrorist oriented to give the islamic genociders another vitamin shot (and Salvador a bank account injection).


About the Author Home Page Table of Contents Salvador Astucia was a child when President Kennedy was killed. He is a natural-born citizen of the United States and grew up in the South during the Vietnam War era, the civil rights movement of the ‘60s, the assassinations of Martin Luther King, Jr., and Bobby Kennedy. He is educated in engineering and has spent a significant portion of his career in the high-tech industry. After seeing Oliver Stone’s movie, JFK, in 1992, the author read the late Jim Garrison’s book, On the Trail of the Assassins, and became inspired to uncover the truth behind the assassination of President Kennedy. Garrison notwithstanding, the author believes that most people who profit from book sales or video sales about President Kennedy’s assassination are generally frauds. More specifically, Salvador believes most “professional” critics of the Kennedy assassination are financed by the U.S. Government, or the state of Israel, or both as a means of suppressing the truth by controlling both sides of the debate. Ironically, the author now believes the man who originally inspired him to uncover the truth about the Kennedy assassination is also a fake critic. That man is Yale drop-out and son of a Wall Street financier: Oliver Stone. Salvador was unfamiliar with Jewish culture until well into his adult years. Few Jewish people lived in the Southern area where he spent his formative years. He was never taught to have any special feelings about Jews, good or bad. He always assumed Adolf Hitler was an evil man because that was what he had been taught. When curiosity prompted him to read books on the topic of Israel, the Jewish culture, and Zionism, he experienced a bit of an epiphany. He began to realize that if he had been lied to about President Kennedy’s assassination, maybe he had been lied to about many other things, including the Holocaust. Searching for truth in a sea of apathy, he now lives by the Arab proverb: Fear not the path of truth for want of travelers there. A Close Friend Home Page



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