The Nation of Silly Muhammad

Well, it’s really the Nation of Islam, Silis Muhammad.  But he seems pretty silly.  Must be hard to survive after the US killed NOI’s Libyan cash cow, but then again, Mr. Obama may be the new sugardaddy.

Pictures (silly) and text (even sillier).  Armageddon, swords and the Fat Book.  Yay.



A Thumbnail Sketch of Mr. Silis Muhammad By Attorney General Misshaki Muhammad

Who is this man who went to Chicago alone in August of 1977 with a “Declaration of Spiritual War?” Who is it that stood up first as a lone supporter of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad as the Last Messenger of Allah? What kind of man would have the courage to travel hundreds of miles in order to personally deliver the message to Imam Warith D. Muhammad that he was wrong in his treatment of his own father? His name is Silis. In order to understand his message and his position, a glimpse into his background is in order. He was born and raised in Texas, and moved to Los Angeles in 1960. He was greatly inspired by the teachings of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad – a man who answered many of the questions he had entertained during his youth about himself and Black people in general. Having been stirred into action, he accepted Islam as taught by the Honorable Elijah Muhammad, and became a relentless worker for the Nation of Islam. He was top among those who were responsible for getting Muhammad Speaks Newspaper into the hands of the public. In 1964, he married Harriet Muhammad, a former daughter-in-law of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad. Through her, he was privileged to meet and become acquainted with the man of the hour. While still in Los Angeles, he was commissioned to manage the West Coast distribution of Muhammad Speaks. This was a labor of love for him, as he very early realized that this newspaper was the economic and spiritual backbone of the Nation of Islam. Under his guidance, Muhammad Speaks was distributed up and down the entire West Coast. In this capacity, he was able to also provide employment for many hard-working young men, thus putting Muhammad’s teachings into practice. Having been invited to Chicago by the Honorable Elijah Muhammad, he moved there so as to be in a better position to assist in the building of the multi-million dollar nation that stood as a testimony to the “bootstrap” teachings of the “Messenger.” He soon became one of the top laborers of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad. While training to become the National Business Manager, he was given many opportunities at the end of the workday to discuss things with the “Messenger.” At that time he was honored, but puzzled at the comment the “Messenger” would make about him. “You’re more like me than any of my sons,” the Honorable Elijah Muhammad would tell him. To prove his sincerity, the “Messenger” asked him to take his last name, Muhammad, and to become a part of his family. Emmanuel Muhammad, present at the time, welcomed Silis into the family, telling him that his name Muhammad was both a blessing and a protection. Silis Muhammad was encouraged to finish his formal education and was given financial assistance by the Messenger while working towards his BA in History/Mathematics at the University of Illinois, Chicago Circle Campus. During the time he was a student at the University of Illinois, he formed and trained an avant-garde group of men that were the delight of the Muslim community. These men were known for their skills in exhibition drilling and their skills in the martial arts. They served as the Honorable Elijah Muhammad’s bodyguards whenever he made a public appearance. When his formal training was near an end, the “Messenger” placed Silis Muhammad as Captain, in charge of the entire distribution of the Muhammad Speaks newspaper. Dissention arose; Harriet Muhammad had been functioning for several years as the official in charge of all national financial matters. Silis Muhammad was now in charge of the newspaper distribution and had influence among the avant-garde group. Muslims, as a practice, don’t air their differences in public, but this information is given to you so as to provide you with an understanding of Silis Muhammad’s statement in his article that he was slain, spiritually. Rather than cause further dissention, rather than have the existence of Muhammad Speaks threatened by internal strife, and rather than cause the Honorable Elijah Muhammad further heartache, Silis Muhammad left Chicago in order to keep peace – for the sake of the “Messenger,” and the Nation of Islam. Upon returning to Los Angeles, he taught at the junior high school level while continuing to collect the “tools” that are provided at the graduate level of education. He did graduate work at the University of Southern California and studied law at the University of West Los Angeles’ School of Law. He was a law student at the time of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad’s death in 1975. Remembering the internal strife, he watched the progress of the Nation, hoping that all would go well under Imam Warith D. Muhammad. However, it was not long before a radical change in the Nation was apparent to all. The change that had taken place among the Muslims in America has been drastic, to say the least. It is analogous to the Baptists suddenly becoming Catholics. Both are Christians, yet they differ in their Christian beliefs. The Nation of Islam had become The World Community of Islam in the West. Imam Warith D. Muhammad had abandoned the social, spiritual and economic platform of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad in favor of a more conservative outlook on life in these United States. While the Nation was in the process of changing from a butterfly back into a caterpillar, Silis Muhammad has been changing from a caterpillar into a butterfly. During the past eight- (8) years, he has spent countless hours and many sleepless nights discovering “self.” He started to use the analytical tools gathered in the study of law and apply them in an effort to examine the books held sacred by millions of people. During this quest for knowledge of “self,” he came to know through analyzing the scriptures just who he is, who the Honorable Elijah Muhammad was, and what is the solution of the problem faced by Blacks in America. By reading Muhammad Speaks regularly, you will come to know what the solution is. What is important to note now is that the memory of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad lives on in many of us who refuse to let all of his forty years of struggle go down the drain. Many people, Black and White, have voiced their appreciation for the Black Muslims, as we are called by the news media. They appreciate what “being a Muslim” has done for Blacks in this country. Regardless of their own social, religious or political views, many people respect the memory of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad.


7 responses to “The Nation of Silly Muhammad

  • Rj3865

    Frnd please check, which deals with the same topic like of your’s..

  • Mordecai_7



    There are those of us who have alleigience to our respective leaders; those of us who have no leaders and utter insults toward those who have put their lives on the line for Islam when they have done nothing but TALK; and there are others who don’t know which way to go due to the confusion caused by the SELF EXALTATION of this one and that one.

    We have Two (2) years to leave America or face TOTAL DESTRUCTION with our OPEN ENEMIES if we remain here. What are YOU going to do, bicker and argue, and refuse to unite under the banner of Islam until the bombs fall on your heads???

    If this is SILLY TO YOU, then go to your death.

  • Qudamah, Qudamah,

    Open letter for Silis Muhammad, time to stop feeding off weak minded so-called African Americans. You said Louis Farrakhan is not a Muslim, nor are you. Frist of all, all religions are controlled by the children of Satan, said to be Caucasians. You and Lewie, are nothing but enemies to the dark race of people. Yes I said it! you teach that a Caucasian man came to your leader the late Elijah Muhammad. The man told Elijah he was Allah, God. Tell the people the true, or do you two know the true? God was one of the names of Ifa, Lucifer. World history as you know it tell you that Muslims took heads of their oppressors, isn’t that what ISIS is doing. I don’t follow any religion, because I believe in the (CREATION OF ALL CREATION) These Caucasian don’t care about you, taking pictures with the men and women in back of you it means nothing to them. What you should be doing Silis is find a way to really help your race of people, not writing a letter to trick baby killer Obama.

  • hahyrningur

    Another racialist heard from…

  • Jordan

    YOu shouldn’t disrespect gods like that. I’m a white person (muslim son) but I can tell you straight up that the Holy Fathers, that is the True and Living Gods of the Nation should NEVER be disrespected like you are doing. You’re unborn in triple darkness, part of the evil 10% trying to destroy the righteous gods. Please show some more respect and seek knowledge of self before posting hate speech against Allah.

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